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Rebounding For Better Health

Posted on Apr 3, 2017 in Exercise

If you haven’t heard of rebounding yet, I’m not referring to a basketball game. No, this kind of rebounding is an exercise done with a rebounder trampoline and is extremely beneficial for your health.

Using a rebounder for exercise has been found to be the most effective form of exercise according to NASA. When astronauts came back to earth, they used rebounders to get back into shape. That says quite a bit I think.

But what is it like? Basically you just have a mini trampoline and bounce on it. Of course there are a bunch of different trampolines (aka rebounders) out there. And there are a bunch of different ways to bounce on them.

At a bare minimum you can do something called the health bounce. All that means is doing the minimum required to actually bounce on the trampoline. Even that for 5 minutes a day has great health advantages.

You can also do stronger bounces, twists or other movements. Each serves to increase your heart rate and work a different muscle.

So how does it work?

The bouncing is an easy way to circulate lymphatic fluid through your body. There is no natural way of doing this in the body. Blood gets pumped by your heart, but lymphatic fluid has no way of being circulated. This only happens through activity, and rebounding is the most effective activity for doing this. It is a great way to exercise at the cellular level as a result.

I personally use this every morning before getting in the shower. I bounce for just 5 minutes doing a health bounce. I feel great when I’m done. It’s quick and easy and has great health benefits. What isn’t there to love about this?

Go pick out a good rebounder and start enjoying the health benefits of this fun exercise!