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My Favorite Products

This is a list of my favorite products:

1. Insect Repellent

Because I absolutely love the outdoors insect repellent is a must have for any excursion.
Insect Repellent

2. Squatty Potty

This is one of those guys that fills a void you didn’t know existed. POOP BETTER!

3. Protein Bars
Grab n Go health foods. These are my favorite because I like the initial taste AND the after taste.

4. Vitamins

It’s hard to go too far with Vitamins and these are definitely my favorites. More than anything else I feel a difference when I take these.

5. House Cleaning Mop

This makes cleaning the house fun again.

6. Instant Pot

Or, as I like to call it, INSTAPOT. A must have for cooking up all of your delicious meals very quickly.

7. Underwater Headphones

I love music and I love to swim. It’s so cool being able to listen to music as I’m staying healthy.

8. Hapi Fork

This ingenious little device lets you know if you’re eating too quickly! Eat slowly. Lose Weight. Feel great!

9. Umoro Water Battle

My favorite blender bottle. Makes making my shake a breeze.

10. Deep Blue Rub

This stuff feels amazing. After an intense workout or a long day it work, Deep Blue Rub with soother the aches and pain away.